GSoC 9th Week

This week, I did the following tasks for sugarizer primero.

  1. I made the homeview of the app mobile responsive by using css media queries.
  2. I fixed few bugs in the homeview of the application.
  3. I made an effort to convert the existing web app into an android app by using Cordova.

Some of the android app screenshots can be seen below:



Problems that I am facing issues related to the conversion of web app to an ios app using cordova have been explained below.

Firstly I have a windows PC and not a MAC, due to which I wont be able to use XCode editor and fulfill other dependency requirements for generating an ios app with cordova.

Plans for next week:

  1. Fix the size of circles in MathStix Activity.
  2. Fix the stop button in MathStix Activity.
  3. Use cordova for producing an app for windows.
  4. Look over on how to convert primero app into an amazon app.

The github links and the android apk is available on the links below.

Run the android emulator in landscape mode for primero app.

Emulators for viewing the app:


Link for downloading android apk:


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